Laser Cutting Thick Felt and Fabrics

For the last few months we have been trying to source some thick grey felt (up to 6mm) but until this week we have been unsuccessful. However after lots of searching we finally found some in two different greys.

We have also over the last few weeks been experimenting with the laser cutter. A laser will cut fabric and felt very beautifully and easily. This is something that has taken some patience and careful experimentation however we have finally arrived at some effective solutions which will enable us to develop some projects that will use the laser cutter, fabric and the sewing machines.

felt mat detailFelt Mat 1chicks

As you can see above the felt shapes have cut perfectly leaving good crisp edges.  The chicks were completely cut on the laser which makes scaling them of the different sizes (there will be three in all) easy. Each chick can have its feet and the two part head cut all in one go in multiples up to the size of the bed of the machine making maximum use of the space and minimising the waste material.

The paterns for the chicks bodies were also made on the laser so that we can easily reproduce the designs as and when required.

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