Our philosphy

We believe that only the best is good enough, whether this ideas, development, prototypes, manuafacturing or feed back. We will only design and manufacture something which is ultimately in the best interests of the dog (which is why our coats don’t go over the head and are a struggle to put on) through to the dignity of the dog as well (dogs do have feelings and emotions) and we believe that what a dog wears affects its well being physically and mentally.

We have spent many months developing and designing our products (and will continue to do so). We have lost count of the number of design revisions we have made and the number of prototypes we have produced before we even launch our first coat to market in August 2017.

We have had to learn new skills, understand and source new materials, find suppliers and above all test our products while being self criticial at every stage. This is a great deal of fun, frustration and at time daunting.

We only use the best materials from the textiles to the thread on our coats. Our other products as they come online will be made from the same high quality materials and using the best processes.

Pepe is our ultimate tester and has had to try on dozens of coats and test our currently developing all natural dog treats. He still gets excited about going out for a walk in the worst weather to test performance. His recent exploits in storm Brian in driving rain and wind would make even the bravest dog proud!

Andrea and Tim

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