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Our Story
We are a team of two dedicated and determined crafts people who love to create as a family sometimes with the help of our Bichon Frise, Pepe.   We are passionate about our products and do not accept second best.  Many hundreds of hours go into the development of each product whether it is sourcing fabric, hardware or even thread, we don’t stop until we get it right !!

Pepe in one of our development fleeces

All our products are lovingly made from high quality materials by us for your beloved furry friends, using our own registered designs and patterns, the cutting of the materials, the manufacture and packaging, everything is executed by hand in our own studio and workshop.

Our leather is hand cut, dyed and finished by us.

Our hardware is solid brass sourced in Britain. We do offer Nickel plated too also, sourced and manufactured in Britain.

Our vision our dream
To source the finest fabrics, materials, to provide a great service to a growing market and to stay true to ourselves.

Pepe working on product testing an early technical coat!

Products to come
We are going to be designing and making dog collars, leads, neck-a-chiefs, blankets, bones, puppy carriers, beds, feeding stations .

We have spent a lot of time researching and testing some of the finest fabrics for our products.

We are registered with the Harris Tweed Authority which enables us to have access to their exquisite hand woven materials and branding for some of our items.  Harris Tweed is hand woven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland from 100% British Wool.

 Our Current Range:

  • 4PAWS Fleece
  • 4SEASONS Coat

All Our Coats are handmade by us, they are made to measure as every dog is different (Please see Guide to Measuring)

  • Easy to Fit, simply lay out the coat flat and step your dog into the legs, secure the reflective leg adjusters around your dog’s paws to get a snug fit. lift the sides and press the popper on the collar then secure  flat on the side.
  • Each coat is fitted with a toggle on the top of your pets bottom this is so the elastic can be tightened, loosened around their bottom etc to give a comfortable fit, this can be tied off after the toggle and cut or left on and tucked under the coat to give a better fit between grooms when the fur is longer or shorter.
  • The underside of your pet is completely covered and will remain clean and dry.
  • At the end of the walk simply loosen the leg adjusters, undo the fastenings and step your dog out of the coat.  The dirty side remains downwards.
  • Each coat is supplied with a unique stuff bag so that at the end of the walk remove the dirty coat stuff in the pouch. The coat can be left in the stuff bag for washing in the washing machine with LIQUID detergent. Please do not use powder, stain remover or softener as this will impede the technical fabric properties. Please check the detailed washing instructions supplied with each coat.
  • Accents of reflective material give higher visibility when out at night, the hook and loop fastening leg adjusters ensure an exceptional comfort fit for your pet.