4Paws Fleece Fabric Selection

4PAWS fleece coat is carefully designed for comfort, safety, ease of use, quality and value for money.  Our unique registered design ensures that the underside of your dog remains clean and dry.

100% high quality polyester fleece.

  • Extremely soft and will feel great on pets skin
  • Anti pill finish preventing the fleece from ‘bobbling’
  • Great insulating properties keeping your pet warm.
  • Each leg is finished off with a proper cuff band and reflective adjustable straps.
  • Reflective tape is also up the back legs for greater visibility on darker nights.
  • Available in a Wide range of Colours.

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Frequently asked questions about fleece fabric:

Originally introduced by Malden Mills in 1979, the company has since been renamed Polartec LLC. Interestingly, the developer intentionally did not patent the produce to promote its widespread use.
Fleece is not waterproof. It is water resistant up to a point and really only shower restistant.  Fleece is  a soft, napped synthetic fabric with thermal insulation properties. Polar fleece (also called microfleece) is much lighter than wool but has some of the same properties as wool. It is soft, light, warm and comfortable. It resists water absorption (i.e. it is hydrophobic) and retains some thermal insulation even when wet. Snow sticks to fleece really well which in turn reduces it thermal properties.  It is quite flammable unless treated with a flame retardant, it is not windproof and it holds static electricity and hences accumulates lint, dirt and hair.  This is why some people report that their dogs fur gets matted or felted after prolonged wearing.

Polar fleece was originally made from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) but it can be made from other synthetic fibres, including recycled plastic bottles or recycled fleece. 

Washing Instructions and Care:
The coat may be washed either by hand using a delicate washing liquid or at 40 degrees with a washing liquid/powder and softener if required.