Accessories, Gifts and Treats

We are going to develop this range but at the moment we are able to offer the following items:


Pet feeding stations from £40 plus £20 postage

These are available to order with  two (£40), three (£50) and more bowls, complete with laser cut names and paw prints, colours any colour from the current Farrow and Ball range of estate eggshell.

These stations have been designed to keep the bowls off the floor in a framework that makes falling over the individual bowls harder and thus preventing spills and reducing the mess. They look stylish and will suit any kitchen, boot or dog room designs.

Each station is supplied with one set of stainless steel bowls which fit easily into the station.

Special designs available please just ask, everything is possible. Also available unpainted for you to paint your own.

Commemorative slate and stone…………

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 14.05.25


It’s always hard to say goodbye to a friend but it’s lovely to have something to remember them by. We can etch onto any shape slate or selected stone surface suitable both inside and outside use. Please contact us for further details.

Air Dried Treats 

Natural air dried treats with no additives just purely dried  chicken treats (feet and strip).

Why not add some to your coat order? £2 for a bag of 10 Chicken Feet. Larger quantities available to order. Supplied vacuum sealed for a long shelf life.