How to measure your dog for our coats and ordering.

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Please read the measuring instructions carefully as the measurements that you send us need to be accurate and taken from the correct place on your dog.

Each coat has a pattern drafted for it from the measurements you supply. Once this is done and the coat is made up it cannot be altered.

Please DOWNLOAD AND PRINT the Order Form & Measuring details complete it by hand with your details and the details of your dog then either scan or photograph it and send it to (We don’t have online form completion yet we are working on it!)  

A £20 deposit via Paypal will secure your order the palace is payable once the coat is ready for shipping.  Paypal address is uk.

Personalisation Personalisation order form

Taking your measurements: Please use a flexible tape measure (dressmakers) or string and builders tape measure.

Please ensure that you dog is standing correctly and that it is standing on a hard surface and that your measurements follow the contours of the dogs body.

Do not add length for growth or fit we will do this where required.

IMPORTANT about legs:  Normally the from legs and the back lengths are very similar in length.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 17.18.34

A: _______ Back Length from collar to base of tail following the body contour.

B: _______ Base of tail to the ground. SPINE TO GROUND following contour of the body

C: _______ Just in front of the willy (male dogs) all the way round (belt length)

D: _______ All the way round (belt length)

E: _______ Height from the ground to the collar. SPINE TO GROUND following contour of the body

F: _______ Loose collar length all round length.

If you are in any doubt or have a question please message us for advice.

Order Form & Measuring details

Personalisation order form